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CEMAT Consultants is adequately supported with the requisite resources required to undertake major consulting assignments for its various Clients.

The head office of CEMAT is located in the quiet environment of Gushingal, Kupondole in Lalitpur Sub Metropolis within Kathmandu Valley and has an office space of 700 sq mt. The company has 3 project offices within Kathmandu and project offices in cities outside Kathmandu such as Birgunj, Nepalgunj, Pokhara and Bardaghat.

CEMAT has a vast resource of technical, managerial and support staff for successful conduct of its project. The company operates with a mix of permanent in-house personnel and resource consultants available on call. The company currently has 31 technical professionals, 33 technical support and 27 administration support personnel. The company draws in a pool of around 300 resource consultants comprising all major professional disciplines to cater to Client requirements.

Office Equipment
CEMAT has upto date computing facilities including high RAM and HDD computers with latest softwares and has other office automation communication and autographic equipment which includes the latest mapping equipment and software.

Survey & Camping Equipment
CEMAT has a complete array of survey equipment including Electronic Distomats (EDM), Theodolites, Levels, Abney levels, Planimeters, Pantographs and Steoroscopes. Camping equipments available include a complete range of tents, sleeping bags and camping accessories.

CEMAT Water Lab (P) Ltd.
CEMAT Consultants have been providing its services in Water Supply and Sanitation Sector for more than a decade. To avail CEMAT services for the society and other agencies , CEMAT, as major shareholder has established in 1992, a well equipped Water Laboratory in private sector. To address to deteriorating environmental problem in the country and putting best effort for clean water, air and soil and CEMAT Water laboratory services is dedicated to address deteriorating environmental problem in the country by checking water, air and soil pollution. Also, CEMAT Laboratory will conduct sampling of water, air and soil and carry out both chemical and bacteriological analysis of water, waste water, air and soil.

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment like Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) and reliable and efficient services are provided by a team of qualified professionals including water quality analysis, environmental aspect, treatment of water and waste water.

ITECO - CEMAT Geotech Services (P) Ltd.
CEMAT Consultants have been continuously engaged in the road sector works since last twenty years. During the supervision of Road Flood Rehabilitation Project CEMAT in JV with ITECO Nepal has established on field operational laboratory for quality control works. Since then the laboratory has been in constant use for one or another road project. The equipment are quite flexible and portable and hence can be established in any premise near work site. The facility can be easily extended to suit any specific project requirement.

From January 1996 the laboratory has been established as a sister organisation namely ITECO - CEMAT Geotech Services (P) Ltd and it is located in Kathmandu with essential extension of facilities. Now it is operating independently as a joint venture endeavour with full fledged geotech investigation and drilling facilities.